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Landscaping Mistakes To Avoid This Fall

Landscaping Mistakes To Avoid This Fall


Fall is upon us bringing in cooler weather, brilliant natural colors, and the aroma of pumpkins and baked treats as we approach the holiday season. The yielding fall weather is the perfect time to concentrate on your landscaping and curb appeal maintenance. Here are some landscaping mistakes you don’t want to make this season.


1.    Don’t Forget Hardscape Areas

Landscaping is broken down into two smaller categories – soft and hard. Soft landscaping is alive, textured and can be planted, whereas hardscaping refers to driveways, sidewalks, rocks and mulch. Keep your driveways and walkways power washed throughout the fall and winter months.


2.   Don’t Overlook Painting Your Exterior

While you may think that landscaping only refers to your yard maintenance, your exterior paint color of your home plays a big role in the overall appearance and curb appeal. Autumn is the perfect time of year for a new paint job, touching up of chipped paint, or repairing siding before painting can help enhance your landscaping.


3.     Don’t Mistake The Beauty Of Fallen Leaves As An Excuse Not To Rake

If you live in a home that has a lot of mature and bellowing trees in the neighborhood you may get distracted with the nostalgia of the fallen leaves. But fallen leaves can be dangerous when they aren’t raked or removed from rain gutters. When leaves cover walkways they can also cover disrepair which can cause foot accidents.


4.     Fall Doesn’t Mean The End Of Pool Maintenance

A lot of pool homeowners feel that the end of summer means they no longer have to upkeep their pool. Think again! The pool’s chemical levels still need to be maintained. Debris, leaves, and insects still need to be cleaned from the pool to, at the very least, keep it from becoming unsightly.


5.     Don’t Overlook Installing Plant Boxes Below Windows

Plant boxes are an excellent way to enhance the exterior of your home for the fall season as they add texture and color to your siding, brick or exterior colored surface. They are also perfect for homes that don’t have a lot of yard but still want to add greenery to the home’s façade.


6.     Don’t Neglect Your Yard Tools

Towards the end of fall yard tools get put away to “hibernate” for the winter. Before doing so, be sure to check them to make sure they work properly, and clean them well so they are free of soil and moisture to avoid rust so that they are usable come spring time.


7.     Don’t Think Fall Means Less Lawn Care

Just because your lawn typically grows at a slower pace during the fall than it does in the summer months doesn’t mean it should require less care. Be sure to keep up with the mowing and fertilizing. A fall lawn that is fertilized on a fall seasonal routine will help from getting damaged during the colder winter months ahead.


8.     Remember Your Neighbors

Don’t neglect your neighbor’s views and safety in the care of your outdoor home. Remember to keep your shared walkways raked free of leaves and ensure that overlying tree branches are kept trimmed and away from power lines to avoid potential fire hazards or power outages during stormy weather.


9.     Don’t Forget To Plant Spring Bulbs This Fall For Blooms Next Year

The fall is the perfect time to start thinking ahead for spring flowers next year. Check with your local nursery to find out which flowering bulbs are best to plant this time of year while the soil is still soft before winter’s frost. 


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