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Nashville Home Care! 5 Fall Clean Up Checklists For The House

Nashville Home Care!

5 Fall Clean Up Checklists For Around The House



 Spring into Fall Cleaning! Along with the fallen leaves, it’s that time of year to rake up all the things you need to do in order to get your Nashville home clean and winter ready! The holidays are just around the corner and once that hustle and bustle hits who has time for anything else?  When needed chores around the home are either overlooked or procrastinated it can pose huge and unnecessary headaches that will likely put you in a not-so-festive holiday spirit. So here is a quick list of things we should all be sure to conquer before the Nashville winter hits!


      -  Check for any roof leaks

      -  Tidy up the attic

      -  Sweep out and vacuum the fireplace

      -  Replace all air filters


      -  Discard expired food from the refrigerator, freezer & pantry

      -  “Self clean” or manually clean the oven

      -  Clean the drip pan from under the refrigerator

      -  Polish all silver to get ready for the holidays


       -  De-clutter closets to make room for winter clothing

       -  Rotate/flip mattresses

       -  Wash all pillows, bedding and mattress pads

       -  Rid any belongings that are no longer needed and donate to Good Will


       -  Clean and disinfect all bathroom trash cans

        -  Polish and clean fixtures

       -  Clean bathmats

       -  Clean/polish any marble or stone countertops



       -  Pressure wash the house

       -  Clear out gutters and downspouts

       -  Drain and store water hoses

       -  Check the caulking and weather seals around doors & windows


Wow - this list makes me want to hibernate!  Taking care of your Nashville home isn't easy.  If you feel overwhelmed, remember to only tackle one task at a time - enlist your significant other, kids and  willing friends to help when you need a little motivation (bribing with food and drink can go a long way).  Or... hire a professional for those jobs that you don't feel capable of doing by yourself (i.e. you will NEVER see me on my roof, but I may manage to straighten up the attic).

Last, I encourage you to look around your neighborhood - is there an elderly or handicapped person who could use some help at their home?  Doing an hour of work for someone in need will do more for your holiday spirit than you may realize!


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