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The Essential Moving Checklist For Buyers

The Essential Moving Checklist For Buyers

It’s quite an exciting feeling when you buy a new home! For starters you can’t wait for closing day and for that very moment the keys to your new palace are placed in your hands. You’ve probably exhausted your imagination with plans on where you’re going to hang things, how you’re going to change things, and what color you’re going to paint things. But before you start bringing home new tile samples and color fan decks, here is a BUYER'S MOVING CHECKLIST you should be sure to check off for your big move!


1. Reserve Movers/U-Haul Whether you’re moving yourself with help from friends or hiring a MOVING COMPANY, find out your exact closing date to schedule movers or to schedule a pick up date for a U-Haul. If you are hiring a moving company be sure to catalogue your valuables and take pictures for damage/theft purposes.

2. Avoid Buying Groceries Too Close To Your Moving Date –You should air out your refrigerator for at least 24 hours BEFORE MOVING. The more groceries you have that need to stay cold the more ice chests you’ll need to hold them over. So start tapering off on your grocery buying the closer you get to moving. Eating out might be an easier option during those last couple of days before RELOCATING.


3. Have A Garage Sale or Donate To Goodwill This is the perfect time to clean out your junk! Go through your basement, attic, and garage and start shedding away things you’ll never use again such as old clothes, dusty camping gear or old paintings that will never see the light of day. Host a GARAGE SALE for some extra cash or make a nice donation to your local Goodwill.



4. Utilities: Turn ‘Em On & Shut ‘Em Off!Coordinate with the seller when they plan on getting the UTILITIES shut off and contact the utility companies to arrange switching service under your name to avoid a lapse during move time. The last thing you need is a house with no electricity on the day you’re trying to move in! Keep in mind that deposits are required in a lot of cases to start service so make sure you BUDGET for it. And don’t forget to turn off the utilities at the house you’re MOVING OUT of.


5. Boxes, Boxes, Boxes –Drive behind places like Walmart, grocery stores, and liquor stores to try and snag as many empty boxes that they throw away as you can. Or opt to buy some inexpensive plastic storage boxes that you can keep and re-use for storage after the fact. Running out of boxes will put a BIG CRIMP in your move.


6. Forward Your Mail –Find out which Post Office services your home and submit a change of address. If you are buying a CONDO/TOWNHOME you will need to bring proof of ownership to your post office in order to obtain a mailbox key from them. (HOA’s usually do not possess mailbox keys) Mail usually takes about 10 days to start forwarding so to avoid having mail sent to your old residence after you move you should submit your change of address accordingly. You can also submit the change online at . TIP: Look for various savings coupons (Lowe’s, Insurance companies, etc.) in the official change of address letter USPS sends to your new address.


7. Change The Locks Immediately –Make sure you buy sturdy locks and change the locks immediately after you move in, especially if it is a house that sat empty for awhile with a lockbox. You never know whose hands a copy of the old key might be floating around in and its always better to be safe than sorry.


8. Transfer/Obtain Insurance Policies: If you’re BUYING A HOUSE be sure to transfer or obtain home owner’s insurance right away. Find out what insurance is needed for your area (e.g. flood insurance, hurricane insurance, etc.) If you are buying a condo/townhome find out exactly what your HOA covers with their umbrella insurance policy. Most HOA policies should cover roof, fire, structural etc., but make sure you investigate this. Also, be sure to obtain CONTENT INSURANCE for all of your belongings and interior property.    TIP:  Most insurance companies will give you a 10-15% discount if you have an alarm system installed.  If you bundle your insurance (car + home + life) you can save a substantial amount of money.


9. The Dreaded DMV…..Uuugh! Probably the least enjoyable part of the moving process if you’re moving to another state is having to transfer your plates and driver’s license over to your new state. Find out what the registration fee is as it varies by state, and clear your schedule to spend the day at the DMV. If you’re not moving out-of-state be sure to contact your current DMV and inform them of your CHANGE OF ADDRESS. Car registration renewals DO NOT get forwarded by the USPS even if you have a mail forwarding request submitted. The last thing you need is to get ticketed for having an expired tag on your car because you didn’t receive your renewal notice.



10. Last But Not Least…..Order A Pizza! 

Do yourself a favor and order a pizza on MOVING DAY. With everything in disarray and packed up in boxes you’d be crazy to try and cook something once your stomachs start growling. Besides, who has the energy? And who wants to take a drive to the nearest drive thru in the middle of the chaos when the food can come to you? So take a breather, grab yourself a nice hot slice and a cold beer and pat yourself on the back






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