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Pinterest and the Sale of Your Nashville Home

Pinterest and the Sale of Your Nashville Home

I am hugely in love [read: obsessed] with Pinterest.  As a visual learner, I love looking at all of the pictures of beautiful and interesting things.


One thing I have come to realize, though, is that it’s really the “quirky” or “custom” items that I am drawn to.  You know, that wiener dog that looks like Chewbacca, or that gorgeous French blue and gold wedding cake.

Then there are the super cool house features, like the subterranean wine room done in a unique way or a café inspired wet bar.

And, of course, who can ignore the funny quotes?

But not only does Pinterest inspire, it also produces a way for us to be proud of the things that we have either made or accomplished.  And how do you feel when someone else repins your pic?  I know I feel glad that others are enjoying some of the same things that I enjoy.

Upon reflection, one thing really stands out to me about Pinterest – there is an audience out there who genuinely finds the bizarre, unique and custom items in life to be inspirational! 

I am always telling my clients when they are getting ready to sell their Nashville home that they should try to appeal to the widest audience:  use neutral colors on the walls and floors, make sure that every room makes “sense”, the kitchen and baths are traditional looking, the yard is free of any “art”.

While it’s true that most people don’t want anything “weird” or too “outlandish” in their home, it very well might be that the customized part of your home SELLS THE HOUSE.

The Potting Shed that Sold the House

I think about my own house here.  Honestly, I’m not terribly in love with the house itself (though I think with a bucketful of cash I could do enough renovating to be happy).  But what REALLY SOLD ME on the house was this beautiful back yard with a potting shed.  Inside the potting shed, there were actually shelves with grow lights on them.  Most people wouldn’t think shelves with grow lights would be a real selling point.  But for me, an avid gardener, the thought of having my own grow lights already in place was exciting!  These grow lights also gave me the thought that perhaps another avid gardener had lived here previously.  Turns out I was right – imagine my surprise when the first spring rolled around and I had THOUSANDS of daffodils blooming throughout the yard– every color, every variety, even types of daffodils that I had never seen before! 

A Sea of Daffodils and St. Francis at my Nashville Home

But wait, there’s more!  Throughout that first spring and summer, more and more plants kept appearing – peonies, iris, muscari, clematis, arum, sweetpea vine, garlic, roses, woodland phlox, cherry trees, crape myrtles, hibiscus, holly and nandina shrubs, the list just kept growing!

As I came to find out, a man had gardened there for more than 40 years and had grown all kinds of perennials, shrubs and trees.  He really enjoyed propagating African violets (thus the grow lights).  And apparently he gardened a LOT because no matter where I dig in the yard, the soil is PERFECT.  No hard clay anywhere – clearly he amended the soil throughout the yard, which is practically unheard of now. 

So what I found to be the best part of the property was and is the part that gives me unending gardening bliss and makes me never want to move!

The moral of the story is – be yourself, go ahead and do those custom touchesthat would mean so much to you in your home – it might turn out to be the very thing that helps your home sell!

My Heavenly Back Yard in the Spring


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Pinterest and the Sale of Your Nashville Home
Pinterest and the Sale of Your Nashville Home I am hugely in love [read: obsessed] with Pinterest As a visual learner I love looking at all of the pictures of beautiful and interesting things. One thing I have come… more