Native Nashville Homes: Real Estate Talk from the Comfort of My Laptop: July 2008

Active Rain is Setting Me Apart!!!

I have been officially "blogging" on the Nashville Real Estate Market (like that tag?) since November 2007.  It has been a tremendously WONDERFUL learning situation for me!



I, like all newbies, did hours and hours of research on "how to" and "tag words" and "search engine optimization" and everything else that comes with it - I am still feeling light years away from knowing it all, but here is what I have gotten in return so far:

1.  I have had two closings so far from people who have read my blogs.  I have a third one that is going to happen in a just a matter of time. 

2.  I was offered an extra job teaching technology and the aspects of blogging to a top producing agent who has also put me on her e-lead team (more closings to happen).  She is also teaching me a MOUNTAIN of information about the real estate biz.  Not to mention has become a super close friend AND she is allowing me to co-list two properties with her. 

3.  I am speaking at our company's top two offices on "The Success of My Blogging".  Knowing how many experts out there are better than I am at this, I am thinking "what a joke!" - but blogging is making me stand out in my company!  They even put an article about me in the latest Newsletter.

4.  I give potential leads the url to my blog and perfect strangers feel like they know me and are comfortable with me from the very start of a transaction!

5.  I also entered the Makeover 2 Takeover Contest and at least made it through a few rounds - and won a Flip video camera, which I am having LOADS of fun with!  And, ahem, ahem, I feel that the only reason I didn't make it further was because I was so covered up with BUSINESS that I didn't have the TIME to dedicate to it!!!

I am even considering starting a second business just teaching real estate agents how to blog and be present on the internet!


So THANK YOU ACTIVE RAIN!!!  You are teaching me how to set myself apart from the rest of the crowd!!!                                    

                                                                                                                              thank you graphic

Comment balloon 81 commentsEmily Lowe • July 22 2008 03:15AM
ActiveRain is Setting Me Apart!!!
I have been officially "blogging" on the Nashville Real Estate Market (like that tag? ) since November 2007. It has been a tremendously WONDERFUL learning situation for me! I, like all newbies, did hours and hours of… more
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